Raul Gonzalez, Mobile Website Designer in Rockwall, TX

Raul Gonzalez, Mobile Website Designer in Rockwall, TX

Hello and thank you for visiting my website. I have a question for you. Why should your website support mobile devices? If you are not sure about your answer, I would like for you to consider:
  1. Visiting my news page and read the latest articles related to mobile internet growth, mobile website trends, and smartphone trends.
  2. Run the tests listed below on your website and see if you are taking advantage of these features that all mobile websites should have.
Have you tried to search for your website with Bing or Google on a computer/laptop and on a Smartphone? Do you have the same ranking?
Have you viewed your website using different Smartphone screen sizes? Is it readable without Pinching In/Out on your mobile browser?
Google has a new mobile test that allows you to find out how well your site works across mobile and desktop devices. How did your website perform in this test?
Is your website considerate of mobile visitors by having a Back To Top link feature?
Learn why your website needs to have a Click-to-Call feature that allows your mobile website visitors to call you from their Smartphones with just one click?
Your Smartphone and Tablet home screen isn't just for apps. Try adding your website to your Smartphone or Tablet Home Screen. Is your website using a custom Icon?
Does your website show your email address in plain text or, do you use a smart form that verifies the visitor's email address to cut down on SPAM emails?
Does your website show your business address in plain text or, does it automatically link your address to Google Maps or IOS Maps software that allows the visitor to get voice driving directions and traffic information to your business location?
Do you have automation in place that sends you real time email and sms alerts of error conditions that identify possible malicious intent and/or suspicious activity to attempt to hijack your website?
I can help you with your existing or new website design project! My initial consultation is FREE and I can share some ideas with you to address your concerns, issues, and questions.

If you found this information helpful, please consider adding this page to your📱Home Screen.

Your Smartphone and Tablet Home Screen IS NOT JUST FOR APPS!

Whichever operating system (i.g., Android, IOS or Windows) is running your Smartphone or Tablet, mobile users can add a mobile website page to their Home Screen so that they can quickly reference it again with just ONE CLICK!

If you DO NOT KNOW how to do this, click here to learn how to add a mobile website page to your Smartphone or Tablet Home Screen.

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