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Are desktop websites still necessary? No, says John Mueller, from Google.

Several news articles have been published recently regarding changes by Bing and Google that can affect your website's ranking! If you read these articles, you will come to the conclusion that these trends are undeniable so, try running these tests on your existing website:

  1. Have you tried to search for your website with Google on a computer/laptop and on a Smartphone? Do you have the same ranking on different devices/platforms?
  2. Have you viewed your website using different Smartphones?
  3. When your view your website with a Smartphone, is it readable without Pinching In/Out on your mobile browser?
  4. Google has developed a new Mobile-friendly test that will analyze your website and report if it has a mobile-friendly design. How did your website perform in this test?
  5. Try adding your website to your Smartphone or Tablet Home Screen. Is your website using a custom Icon?
  6. Does your website show your email address in plain text or, do you use a form to cut down on SPAM email and verify the domain name of the visitor's email address?
  7. Does your website show your business address in plain text or, does it automatically link your address to mapping software that allows the visitor to get voice activated driving directions to your location?

I am an IT Consultant and Web developer specializing in Mobile-friendly and responsive websites. If you are not happy with your website's performance, I can help you! My initial consultation is FREE and I can share some ideas with you to address your concerns, issues, and questions.

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