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Mobile Search Is The Top Source Of Calls To Businesses

Customers are calling businesses in greater numbers than ever before thanks to digital marketing channels especially mobile search. A recent mobile study concludes that 78 percent of MOBILE SEARCHES for local business information result in a purchase. According to MarketingProfs and BizReport, 70% of mobile search users call a business when the Click-to-Call feature is properly implemented! For 6 out of 10 mobile searchers (59%) it was the need for speed that motivated them to use Click-to-Call, while 57% wanted to speak to a real person and 54% said they needed more information than a website could provide. The top three reasons for calling a business were to check business hours (52%), make a reservation or schedule an appointment (51%) and enquire about inventory, availability or booking information (47%).

Click-to-Call, also known as Click-to-Talk, is a form of Web-based communication in which a person clicks an object (e.g., button, image or text) from their Smartphone to request an immediate connection with another person in real-time with just ONE CLICK!

  1. Some websites are designed where the business phone number is not clearly visible on every page or easy to find!
  2. If you show your phone number on a web page as part of the standard HTML text, Only the Safari and Opera Mini Mobile Web Browsers will automatically convert that phone number to a link that when clicked, the Smartphone will initiate a phone call.
  3. The Chrome and Firefox Mobile Web Browsers WILL NOT generate a link forcing your website visitors to remembering and dialing your business phone number manually.
  4. For tablets, even if you have device that has cellular coverage, a phone call WILL NOT be initiated!
  5. If your website visitor is using a desktop or a laptop, there are few software applications that allow the ability to initiate a phone call.

From the perspective of your website visitor, AT&T has introduced FREE features that allow selected Smartphones, tablets, laptops and, desktops to initiate a phone call from a web page on a LIMITED NUMBER of devices. Two of these features are:
  1. AT&T WI-FI Calling. Once enabled, you can use Wi-Fi Calling to talk and text over an active Wi-Fi connection. It lets you talk and text from locations where there is a weak or no cellular coverage. Wi-Fi Calling can be used in the Domestic Coverage Area (U.S., Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands) and from most international countries.
  2. AT&T NUMBER SYNC. With this feature, you can use the mobile number assigned to your Smartphone with some newer tablets laptops and desktop devices. Friends and family can recognize the phone number originating the call even if you are not using your Smartphone. You can make and receive calls from any of the synced devices!
Do you think that your business can benefit by allowing your website visitors to call your business from a Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop and even a Desktop with just ONE CLICK?


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