An Apple Touch Icon on every page helps visitors remember your digital brand
How To Design Websites That Are Interactive In Under 1 Second

Hello and thank you for visiting my website. I am a Mobile First web developer specializing in delivering the fastest mobile app-like User Experience (UX) on any size screen.


The website is configured for speed by using a LightSpeed server, HTTP/3, and TURBO BOOST Web Hosting Plan.

All webpages achieve a Time to Interactive score of under 1 Second when using Google's Lighthouse Audit report.

You are able to interact with the mobile navigation menu using only one hand and visitor's will experience the same Navigation User Interface (UI) on any size screen.

Webpages exploit Open Graph Protocol to increase social media traffic when links to my website are shared on social media sites.

I use a "Single Column" page layout that can be viewed on any size screen, ranging from an Apple ⌚ Watch to the largest size Smart TV!

My Digital Business Card displayed on the small screen of an Apple ⌚ Watch

Let's Put Things Into Perspective By Comparing Different Designs, Features And Page Speed Scores

The very first website went live on August 6, 1991. It is an HTML only webpage with a size of 2.4 Kilobytes. If you run a Lighthouse Audit Report, it achieves a Time to Interactive score of .7 seconds.

My Digital Business Card achieves a Time to Interactive score of .8 seconds, and it exploits other features not supported by other developers in the marketplace!

To Have A Fast Webpage, Avoid Using JavaScript As Much As Possible

If you have already optimized your web server and webpages for speed and not getting the speed improvements you want then, your only choice left is to evaluate every JavaScript code on your website and determine if it is absolutely necessary!

❓ Are you aware that even the most expensive Android smartphones can not process JavaScript code as fast as IOS smartphones.

1Watch a video by Addy Osmani titled The Cost of JavaScript and read Tim Kadlec's article The Cost of JavaScript Frameworks.

2Review these Content Management System (CMS) JavaScript Performance Metrics!

These Trends Should Influence Your Web Design

1Learn how wearable technology will affect web design in 2022 and beyond!

3Check out the latest Global Mobile VS. Desktop Traffic statistics.

4See which countries have the fastest and slowest internet speed.

515% of US adults are Mobile-Only Internet Users, which is to say they do not have a home broadband connection, and instead rely solely on their smartphone. It is estimated that nearly three quarters of the world population will use just their smartphones to access the internet by 2025.

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