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Learn how to design fast websites that achieve a Time to Interactive of 0.3 seconds

Welcome and thank you for visiting one of the fastest website in the world! My Mobile First web design strategy delivers the absolute fastest Mobile User Experience (UX) to website visitors by following a simple web design rule.

There are valid reasons for using JavaScript but, I avoid using it unless it is absolutely necessary!

Mobile First Features

My Mobile First web design strategy delivers a faster Mobile User Experience (UX) to website visitors than a Progressive Web App.

The web server is optimized for speed by using the LightSpeed and HTTP/3 web server software hosted by A2 Hosting!

All webpages achieve a Time to Interactive score of 0.3 seconds with Google PageSpeed Insights report.

Mobile visitors are able to interact with an Ambidextrous Thumb Zone Friendly Navigation Menu using only one hand that also provides a consistent navigation User Experience (UX) on any size screen.

Webpages are configured to exploit Open Graph Protocol meta tags to make my web content stand out when it is shared on Facebook, Messaging, Twitter, and other social media apps.

Exploit ONE CLICK or TAP access to Address, FaceTime, SMS, Mail, and Telephone HTML Links to minimize user interactions.

Webpages are configured to behave like Web Applications which allows mobile visitors to add them to their smartphone Home Screen.

This HTML ONLY configuration that makes the Add to Home Screen web browser feature behave like a Mobile Web App

When mobile visitors exploit this feature, my Digital Business Card provides ONE TAP ACCESS to my contact information and website content in 0.3 seconds without the need to search their smartphone Contacts App!

Apple Watch Features

The Digital Business Card has a seamless integration with Apple Watch devices that are able to display web content.

Traditional Mobile Web Apps can not match my webpages Time to Interactive score

If you already own a smartwatch like Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, and Garmin capable of viewing web content, encourage you to view any of my webpages on your smartwatch web browser and see how my "Responsive Single Column" webpage layout adjusts to different size screens.

Should these facts and trends influence you to consider my unconventional Mobile First website design strategy that delivers "The Fastest Mobile User Experience (UX)" to your website visitors?


1Review the Time to Interactive and number of JavaScript bytes and requests used by modern websites.

2Are you aware that even the most expensive Android devices can not process JavaScript requests as fast as IOS devices?

3Are your webpages readable on the small screen of smartwatches? Are you aware some smartwatches can view webpages with selected web browsers?


1According to the latest Mobile vs. Desktop vs. Tablet website traffic statistics, mobile phones generated 60.66% of website traffic, desktop generated 37.08% and, tablets accounted for 2.26%.

2Learn how wearable devices will affect web design in 2023 and beyond.

3The Rise of the Smartphone-only Internet User.

Mobile Web Apps can not match my webpages Time to Interactive score

If mobile users are spending lots of hours on their Mobile phones on a daily basis, should web developers consider using a Mobile First Web Design strategy that delivers the fastest Mobile User Experience (UX) to website visitors?

Would love to hear your comments, opinions, and thoughts! Raul Gonzalez