My Digital Business Card being displayed on a Smartphone and an Apple Watch

Howdy 👋   from Dallas, Texas

I am a Mobile First Web Developer that specializes in designing Custom Digital Business Cards.

Ask yourself these questions?

1Are you aware that ONLY 9% of business cards that are handed out will be added to a digital contact list?

2How much do you spend on an annual basis for printing traditional business cards?

3Do you always carry traditional paper Business Cards with you all the time?

4Do you always carry your Smartphone with you?

5Have you ever been in a situation where someone asked for your Business Card but, you did not have any with you? When that incident occurred, did you have your Smartphone with you?

6Can you think of any associates, clients, family members, or friends that do not have a Smartphone?

7Do you believe that your Business Card should convey a professional impression to prospective clients?

8What kind of impression and message will you be conveying to your prospective clients when you exchange a Custom Digital Business Card?

Digital Business Card Pricing

1For a ONE TIME FEE of $100.00, I can design a Basic Digital Business Card that functions as a Single Point of Reference for all of your contact and website information and has the following features:

👍 When you use a Digital Business Card you are saving money by eliminating all printing and reordering costs associated with traditional paper Business Cards.

👍 The Digital Business Card will be hosted under your own website domain and can be added as an "Add On Feature" to any website!

👍 When the Digital Business Card web page is added to any Smartphone Home Screen, it will function like a Mobile Web App without the need of a Web App Manifest, or Service Workers. This gives customers and prospective clients ONE TOUCH ACCESS to my contact information and website!

A Traditional Digital Business CardA Social Media Digital Business Card

👍 Your Digital Business Card can use either a "Traditional Business Logo" or your picture which has a "Social Media" look for Apple Touch Icons.

👍 Can be displayed on any device ranging from the small screen of an Apple Watch to the largest Smart TV screen!

👍 It exploits Open Graph Protocol graphics that tells social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Text Messaging Apps what graphic information to display when anyone receives a link to view the Digital Business Card. Most businesses already use Social Media however, the vast majority of web developers fail to configure.

👍 Is fully interactive in less than a second.

👍 Any website visitor can share your Digital Business Card with friends, neighbors, and their business associates!

👍 You are always ready to share your Digital Business Card with a potential client as long as you have access to a Smartphone; even if it is not yours!

👍 You are conveying a unique message to a prospective client that is different from your competition!

2For a ONE TIME FEE of $250.00, I can design a Premium Digital Business Card with these extra features.

👍 The Add to Contacts feature, DOES NOT  👆  REQUIRE a person to manually type the Digital Business Card Contact Information into the Smartphone Contacts APP!

👍 A custom Hello 👋    web page with custom graphics. When you receive a link to this more advanced version of my Digital Business Card, you may not know all the features and, how to exploit them.

No other Digital Business Card in the market place exploits as many Apple Watch, Digital, Messaging, Mobile, and Social Media features!
Contact me to explore using Digital Business Cards for your business!