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How to design websites that are interactive in under 1 second

Hello 👋    and thank you for visiting my website. I am a Mobile First web developer that uses an unconventional web design strategy that delivers "The Fastest Mobile Web App Like User Experience (UX)" to website visitors.

The web server is optimized for speed by using LightSpeed and HTTP/3 software.

Every webpage achieves a Time to Interactive score of under 1 second.

Mobile visitors are able to interact with a mobile navigation menu using ONLY ONE HAND!

Web pages are configured to exploit Apple Touch Icons, Click to Call, and Open Graph Protocol features!

Use a Responsive Single Column webpage layout that can be viewed on any size screen.

My Digital Business Card exploits a seamless integration with Apple Watch devices.

My Digital Business Card displayed on an iPhone and Apple ⌚ Watch

❓ Should these facts and trends influence you to reconsider your current mobile website design features and strategy

1Are you aware that Android devices CAN NOT PROCESS  JavaScript requests as as fast IOS devices

If you use Content Managament System (CMS) software, you are impacting the Time to Interactive speed of your website❗

2If mobile users are spending 4-5 hours a day using mobile apps, should web developers provide the "The Fastest Mobile Web App Like User Experience (UX)" to your website visitors❓

3The Rise of the Smartphone-only Internet User.

4Learn how wearable devices will affect web design in 2022 and beyond.

Would love to hear your comments, opinions, and thoughts!Raul