Learn why your traditional paper Business Card CAN NEVER ADAPT to the new Mobile Digital World!

Hello  👋  and welcome to my website!

I am a Mobile First Web Developer that specializes in Designing Custom Digital Business Cards that:

👍 You ONLY PAY A ONE TIME FEE for the design of up to 4 different Digital Business Card components:

  1. The Digital Business Card HTML web page.
  2. The Digital Business Card vCard file.
  3. Any graphic logo design if your website does not use Apple Touch Icons.
  4. Any graphic design if you want to use Open Graph Protocol Graphics that tells social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Text Messaging Apps what graphic information to display when anyone receives a link to view the Digital Business Card!
No other Digital Business Card in the market place exploits as many Digital, Email, Mobile, Social Media and Wearable Features!

Digital Business Card Features

The vast majority of traditional paper business cards use a horizontal layout however, my Digital Business Card uses a vertical layout that is able to be displayed on:

👍 Any size Smartphone screen.

Why Design Web Content for the Apple Watch

👍 The small screen of an Apple Watch and all tablets, laptops, and desktop devices.

Why Should You Design Web Content For The Apple Watch?

❓ Did you know that ONLY 9% of all Paper Business Cards that are handed out will be added to a Contact list?

👍 You are not required to manually type the contact information on your Smartphone Contacts App!

The detail steps required to add the contents of a vCard to the Contacts App of any IOS or Android Smartphone will be different depending on:

  1. The operating system of your device (Android or IOS).
  2. The Web browser that you use (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari).
Follow These 4 Basic Steps

✅ OPEN the Digital Business Card web page on your Smartphone web browser.

✅ TAP the Add to Contacts Link on the Digital Business Card to display or download the vCard.

✅ COPY or SHARE the content of the vCard with the Contacts App.

✅ SAVE the content of the vCard in the Contacts App.

👍 Smartphone website visitors are considered "Potential Customers" and have the ability to add the contact information to their Smartphone Contacts App without:

  1. Manually typing the information on their Smartphone Contact App.
  2. Any action or knowledge on your part.

With any Smartphone, the Contact information can be stored in two locations:

  1. The Smartphone Contacts App
    • Users will use several Touchpoints to
    • Open the Smartphone Contacts App
    • Search for the contact that they are looking for
    • Call, Send a Text Message, Send Email or open the website
  2. The Smartphone Home Screen
    • One Touchpoint to the Apple Touch Icon on the Smartphone Home Screen, allows users to now have access to all of your contact information!

👍 When you add the Digital Business Card to any Smartphone or tablet Home Screen, it functions like a Mobile Web App without the need of a Web App Manifest, and Service Workers!

You can Add my Digital Business Card to your Smartphone Home Screen!With ONE TOUCH to the Apple Touch Icon on the Smartphone Home Screen, gives you access to my contact information and website

👍 Both you and your mobile website visitor can share the Digital Business Card that uses Open Graph Protocol Graphics with any Smartphone Messaging and Social Media Apps.

You can exchange my Digital Business Card with any Smartphone Messaging and/or Social Med ia Apps!Example of Open Graph Protocol Graphic image used by Social Media Apps!

👍 For individuals that wear an Apple Watch capable of displaying web content, when they receive a Text Message containing a link to my Digital Business Card.

✅ They can TAP the Open Graph Graphic web page link to display the Digital Business Card web page that has been optimized for the small screen of an Apple Watch.

Why Should You Design Web Content For The Apple Watch?
The Apple Watch is the ONLY Smart Watch that is able to display web content!

👍 You can use the Digital Business Card in your email messages signature to advertise your business! This drives additional website traffic to your website!


Raul Gonzalez

Custom Digital Business Card Designer
Contact Info

When you hand out a "Paper Business Card", you have NO CONTROL as to what the recipient does with the Business Card after you part ways!

👍 When you exchange a Digital Business Card, you have TOTAL CONTROL of the situation. My favorite method for exchanging my Digital Business Card is a Text Message.

Why Should You Design Web Content For The Apple Watch?
  1. It requires that the other person provide a mobile number and, I can follow up at a later point in time.
  2. If I know their name and mobile number then, I can personalize the Text Message.
  3. I send the personalised Text Message and then ASK if they have received it.
  4. Take this opportunity to TAKE CONTROL and show them how they can add your Digital Business Card to their Smartphone Home Screen!
  5. Take the time to educate them on minimising Touchpoints to improve the Mobile User Experience (UX) by:
    • ✅ Automatically dialing a phone number.
    • ✅ Automatically opening your website.
    • ✅ Populating the email address, subject line, and introduction in an Email Message
    • ✅ Populating the mobile phone number and introduction in a Text Message
    • ✅ Populating the business address in a Navigation App that provides Turn By Turn Directions to your business if the business address is included.
    • ✅ Using of the Add to Contacts feature
  6. ✅ When you are finish with the quick tutorial, your Digital Business Card will be on their Smartphone Home Screen and possibly, also on their Smartphone Contact App.
Could you have accomplished that by exchanging your paper Business Card?

Can your traditional Business Card compete with my Digital Business Card?

RaulGonzalez.com Apple Touch ICon
Why are you not taking advantage of these features to advertise your business and drive additional traffic to your website if you already have a website?

❓ How much are you spending on business cards on an annual basis?

❓ How many of your business associates, family and friends DO NOT HAVE a Smartphone or email address?

❓ Do you always carry business cards with you?

❓ Have you ever been in a situation where someone asked you for a business card and, you did not have any with you?

❓ Do you always carry your Smartphone with you?

❓ Have you ever been in a situation where you did not have a business card with you but, you had your Smartphone with you?

✅ Contact me to discuss a Custom Digital Business Card for your business!

Would love to hear your comments, opinions, and thoughts on the topic of using Traditional or Digital Business Cards for your business. Looking forward to your responses!