Why Design Web Content for the Apple Watch?

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I am a Mobile First Web Developer specializing in designing Custom Digital Business Cards that functions like a Mobile Web App and are hosted on your own website.

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 What Is A Mobile First Design? 

April 5th, 2010

Luke Wroblewski gave his first presentation about using a Mobile First methodology for designing websites on April 5th, 2010.

He is a top rated speaker that has given 367 presentations and workshops to companies and conferences around the world.

His latest book titled Mobile First was published on October 18th, 2011.

The Mobile First Design focuses on the Mobile User Experience (UX)

Features of my Mobile First Design

This site DOES
ANY Content Management System (CMS) Software

Implementing a Mobile Navigation Menu with a Thumb Zone Friendly Mobile Experience is the most critical and difficult area to master because the Smartphone screen Thumb Zone Area changes depending on:

✅  The size of your hand.

✅  The size of your Smartphone screen.

✅  Which hand is being used to hold the device using just ONE HAND.

Research on mobile interaction and behavior shows that Smartphone users touch their phone's screens and hold their devices in different ways:
  1. One Handed - 49%
    • Right Thumb on the screen - 67%
    • Left Thumb on the screen - 33%
  2. Cradled - 36%
  3. Two Handed - 15%
👍  This is why my Ambidextrous Mobile Navigation Menu is positioned at the bottom of the screen for OPTIMAL THUMB ZONE access and is optimized for "One Handed" use!

A Thumb Friendly Ambidextrous Mobile Navigation Menu designed for OPTIMAL THUMB ZONE Access on ANY SIZE Smartphone screen
✅ Experience a Mobile Mega Menu with 35 Categories and 294 Page links!

👍  Users will experience the same web page layout and Navigation User Experience (UX) on different size screen devices.

Click on image to Draw your Personal Thumb Zone area on your Smartphone screen👍  I use a custom ERROR 404 PAGE that is able to advertise my web site content and services!

👍  The web server and web pages are optimized for speed allowing: 👍  Exploit all Mobile Accessibility Features such as:
  1. Use of a Digital Business Card that allows web site visitor to:
    • Create a new contact on their 📱 Contacts App without manually typing the contact information.
    • Add my Digital Business Card to their 📱 Smartphone Home Screen.
    • Share my Digital Business Card with their 📱 Smartphone email, text messaging and social media Apps.
    • Recipients of a text message that have an Apple ⌚ Watch, can tap a web site link within a text message to view the content of my Digital Business Card that has been optimized for the small screen!
  2. Back to Top 📱 mobile Feature.
  3. Click-to-Call 📱 mobile Feature.
  4. Add to Home Screen 📱 mobile Feature.
  5. Linking a business address to Google's Voice Activated Driving Directions.

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