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Thank you for visiting my web site. I am a Mobile First Web Developer that specializes in designing Custom Digital Business Cards that are hosted on your own web server and function like a Mobile Web APP!

 Ask Yourself These Questions 

❓  Do you always carry business cards with you?

❓  Have you ever been in a situation where someone asked you for a business card but, you did not have any with you?

❓  Have you ever been in a situation where you did not have a business card with you but, you had your 📱 Smartphone?

❓  How many of your business associates, family and friends DO NOT HAVE a 📱 Smartphone or email address?

❓  Do you always carry your 📱 Smartphone with you?

❓  How much are you spending on business cards on an annual basis?

 Consider A Better Alternative 

Features Of My Digital Business Card

👍  Use a fast loading small web page that is hosted on your own web server!

👍  When you add the Digital Business Card to any Smartphone or tablet Home Screen it functions like a Mobile Web APP!

My Digital Business Card can function like a Mobile Web APP
With ONE TOUCH to the Icon on the Home Screen, you now have access to my web site

👍  Persons viewing the Digital Business Card ARE NOT REQUIRED TO MANUALLY TYPE THE CONTACT INFORMATION ON THEIR 📱 CONTACTS APP! This eliminates the risk of typographical errors and saves them time.

Use the Add To Contacts App feature to save my Digital Business Card contact information to your Smartphone Contacts App

👍 Both you and your web site visitor can share the Digital Business Card with any 📱 Smartphone Messaging and/or Social Media Apps!

You can share my Digital Business Card with business associates with email, text messaging and social media Apps

👍  A person receiving a text message that has an Apple ⌚ Watch running the WatchOS 5 or higher operating system, can tap the web page link within the Apple Watch Messages App to view a version of my Digital Business Card that was optimized for the small screen!

The Digital Business Card web page layout is OPTIMIZED to be viewed with an Apple Watch

Can Your Traditional Paper Business Card Compete With A Digital Business Card?

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