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Hello  👋    and welcome to the fastest website in the world!

I am a Mobile First web developer specializing in providing the fastest Mobile User Experience (UX) for hand-held and wearable devices by using a simple and unconventional website design that is not based on or conforming to what is generally done or believe in!

My Digital Business Card being displayed on any Smartphone and selected Apple Watch devices!
Should These Trends Influence Your Website Design?

115% of US adults are Mobile-Only Internet Users and this percentage is much higher in different parts of the world. These users do not have access to a high speed internet connection at home and rely solely on their Smartphone to access the internet.

2It is estimated that by 2025, nearly three quarters of the world's mobile users are expected to be Mobile-Only Internet Users.

3Globally, 68.1% of all website visits in 2020 came from mobile devices an increase from 63.3% in 2019. Desktops drove 28.9% of visits, while 3.1% of visitors came from tablets.

4Learn which countries have the fastest and slowest Internet Speeds.

These Are My Mobile First Web Design Objectives And Features

The web server is configured for speed by using HTTP/3 and LiteSpeed Turbo software from www.a2hosting.com.

Every webpage is optimized for speed and are able to achieve a Time to Interactive goal of under 1 second when running Lighthouse using Chrome Dev Tools.

Website visitors will experience a webpage layout similar to what users experience on a Mobile Web App that adapts to any size screen.

All webpages are configured to behave like a Mobile Web App and exploit Open Graph Protocol.

I developed an Ambidextrous, Thumb Zone Friendly Navigation Menu that provide visitors a consistent navigation user experience (UX) on any size screen and, can also be used as a Mobile Mega Menu.

Takes advantage of the benefits and features of using a Digital Business Card that:

1Can be added as an "Add On Feature" to any website so that they are hosted under your own website domain name.

2Exploits limited viewing of web content on select Apple Watch devices!

3When mobile users "Bookmark" the Digital Business Card webpage by exploiting the "Add to Home Screen" web browser feature, the webpage will behave like a Mobile Web App and users will have "One Touch" access to my contact information and web content in under 1 second.

A HTML ONLY configuration that makes the Add to Home Screen web browser feature function like a Mobile Web App

I do not use any JavaScript or Content Management System (CMS) software!

Avoid Using JavaScript

JavaScript is the most expensive resource used when loading a webpage!

The web browser has to perform the following actions for every JavaScript code that is used on your webpage and this severely impacts a webpage Time to Interactive!

1Download every script over the network (Cellular or Wi-Fi)

2Parse the code

3Compile the code

4Execute the code

Not all mobile devices have the same CPU processing power to process JavaScript requests!

Android devices can not process JavaScript request as fast as IOS devices!

If your device is not listed, download the app to review your mobile device CPU benchmark scores.

There are valid reasons for using JavaScript however, should you consider:

1Evaluating every JavaScript code on your website and determine if the script is absolutely necessary.

2Replacing a JavaScript Navigation Menu with a CSS3 Only Navigation Menu.

Watch a video by Addy Osmani titled The Cost of JavaScript.

Avoid Using Content Management System (CMS) Software

1JavaScript is used extensively in all Content Management System (CMS) Software and this severely impacts a webpage Time to Interactive! Encourage you to review these performance metrics.

Page Loading Speed by CMS
JavaScript Bytes by CMS

2Websites that use CMS software are common hacking targets!

This website DOES NOT USE ANY Content Management System (CMS) Software!

Should You Consider A Mobile First Web Design?

The Mobile First web design methodology is the best methodology for the foreseeable future but, you do not have to take my word for it. Read what other industry insiders are saying.

If you would like a FREE DETAIL ANALYSIS of your website or need help implementing some of the features that I use, feel free to contact me.

Would love to hear your comments, opinions and thoughts on this topic!
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