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Use The HTTP ERROR 404 Events To Advertise Your Web Site Content!

As far as I know, my custom Error 404 PHP Script solution, is UNIQUE at being able to automatically advertise your own web site content as a result of a HTTP ERROR 404 Page Event!

 I Am Surprised That No One Else Had Though About It! 

When the HTTP ERROR 404 event is triggered, these actions are taken:

✅  Log the HTTP HTTP ERROR 404 Code.

✅  Examine the URL that triggered the HTTP ERROR 404 event. Depending on the KEYWORDS USED in the content of the URL, display either:
  1. A RANDOM PAGE to advertise one of my web pages.
  2. A SPECIFIC PAGE to target individuals and organizations using Vulnerability Scanning Bad Bots or Scripts with MALICIOUS INTENT!

✅  The web site administrator will be notified of the URL, IP address, Country and other relevant information that generated the HTTP ERROR 404 event for historical and tracking purposes.

✅  All visitors are able to continue exploring my web site by selecting another web page from the navigation menu thus; reducing the Google Analytics Bounce Rate!

Call To Action

If you are interested in advertising your web site content anytime a HTTP ERROR 404 Event is triggered then.
✅ Call or send me an email to see if my ERROR 404 PHP Script can help you!

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