Use Your ERROR 404 Page To Advertise Your Website

Consider Re Evaluating The Function And Purpose Of The Error 404 Page

The function and purpose of my original error 404 Page was:

✅ Display a web page to my website visitors that stated an error had occurred.

✅ Allow the option for website visitors to display another web page from the navigation M E N U.

Vulnerability Scanning Bots And Scripts Are Generating All HTTP 404 Errors!

My analysis of ALL HTTP 404 errors for 2018, revealed that:
✅ Encourage you to review the 2018 Bad Bot Landscape Industry Report

Think Of A New Function And Purpose For The ERROR 404 Page

Searched Google for Best Error 404 Pages and found many industry pundits praising the use of graphic animations!

 The ASSUMPTION was that these ERROR 404 conditions were caused by someone accidentally mistyping the URL name and they are going to be impressed by the animation! 

Lets Think Outside The Box


A New Redesigned Error 404 Page

 Function and Purpose of OLD ERROR 404 Page 👎  Function and Purpose of NEW ERROR 404 Page 👍  ✅ Experience the NEW ERROR 404 Page that allows ADVERTISING of my website content!

Call to Action and Social Media

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