Use Your ERROR 404 Page To Advertise Your Website Content and Services

Use Your ERROR 404 Page To Advertise Your Website

The function and purpose of my original error 404 Page was:

✅  Display a web page to my website visitors that stated an error had occurred.

✅  Allow the option for website visitors to display another web page from the navigation M E N U.

Now Vulnerability Scanning Bots And Scripts Are Generating All HTTP 404 Errors!

My analysis of ALL HTTP 404 errors for 2018, revealed that:
✅ Encourage you to review the 2018 Bad Bot Landscape Industry Report

A New ERROR 404 Page

🤔 Why not use the Error 404 Page to ADVERTISE my website content? 👏

After the Error 404 condition is triggered:
  1. A HTTP Error 404 Code is logged
  2. ANALYZE THE URL that triggered the Error 404 condition and either:
    • Advertise 👏 a SPECIFIC PAGE
    • Advertise 👏 a RANDOM PAGE
  3. Allow website visitors to continue exploring my website by SELECTING another web page from the M E N U

Features Of My Mobile First Design

👍  My Mobile First Design DOES NOT ❌ USE any Content Management System (CMS) software!

👍  The AMBIDEXTROUS Mobile Navigation Menu is positioned at the Bottom of the Screen and provides OPTIMAL THUMB ZONE ACCESS to both the LEFT and RIGHT HAND THUMB FINGERS.

A Thumb Friendly Ambidextrous Mobile Navigation Menu designed for OPTIMAL THUMB ZONE Access on ANY SIZE Smartphone screen
✅ Experience a Mobile Menu with 35 Categories and 293 Page links!

👍  The Web Page Layout and AMBIDEXTROUS Mobile Navigation Menu deliver a Mobile APP like User Experience (UX) on different size screen devices!
Click on image to Draw your Personal Thumb Zone area on your Smartphone screen👍  Use a CUSTOM ERROR 404 PAGE that is able to advertise my website content and services!

👍  The web server and web pages are OPTIMIZED FOR SPEED allowing: 👍  Exploit ALL Mobile Accessibility Features such as:
  1. Use a Digital Business Card that allows website visitor to:
    • Create New Contact on their 📱 Smartphone
    • Add My Digital Business Card to their 📱 Smartphone Home Screen
    • Share My Digital Business Card with their 📱 Smartphone email, text messaging and social media Apps
    • Has a layout that is both READABLE AND RESPONSIVE on the small screen of an Apple Watch ⌚.
  2. Back to Top 📱 Mobile Accessibility Feature.
  3. Click-to-Call 📱 Mobile Accessibility Feature.
  4. Add to Home Screen 📱 Mobile Accessibility Feature.
  5. Linking a business address to Google's Voice Activated Driving Directions.

Call To Action And Social Media

✅ Do you know what is required to build a website using a Mobile First Design?

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