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Use Your Own HTTP ERROR 404 Page To Advertise Your Web Site Content!

When the HTTP ERROR 404 event is triggered, these actions are taken:

✅  Log the HTTP HTTP ERROR 404 Code.

✅  Examine the URL that triggered the HTTP ERROR 404 event. Depending on the KEYWORDS USED in the content of the URL, display either:

✅  The web site administrator is notified of the URL, IP address, Country and other relevant information that generated the HTTP ERROR 404 event for historical and tracking purposes.

✅  All visitors are able to continue exploring my web site by selecting another web page from the navigation menu thus; reducing the Google Analytics Bounce Rate!

Analysis Of HTTP ERROR 404 Events

In late 2018, I analyzed the root cause of ALL HTTP ERROR 404 Page Events and noticed a peculiar pattern of behaviour.

These HTTP ERROR 404 Page Events were triggered by bots and scripts trying to identify and exploit vulnerabilities to hack my web site which they thought, used a Content Management System (CMS) software.

 How Is This Possible? 
✅ I DO NOT  👆 USE ANY Content Management System (CMS) Software

Need To Reduce The HTTP ERROR 404 Events!

Did some research and discovered the 2019 Bad Bot Landscape Industry Report that confirmed the pattern of behaviour I was experiencing!

Realized that in order to decrease the HTTP ERROR 404 Page Events, I had to start "Thinking Outside The Box" and deploy a solution that:

✅  Targets these individuals and organizations using Bad Bots and Malicious Scripts by displaying a specific web page that:
  1. Allows them to verify that my web site DOES NOT USE ANY Content Management System (CMS) software.
  2. Convince these "not friendly" visitors that they are wasting their time and encourage them to go away and target other web sites.

✅  Allow these "not friendly" visitors to continue exploring my web site by selecting another web page from the navigation menu thus; reducing the Google Analytics Bounce Rate!

👍  I am delighted to report that after deploying my new custom HTTP ERROR 404 PHP Script solution, my web site is experiencing a decrease In HTTP ERROR 404 Page Events!

Tracking And Monitoring HTTP Error 404 Events

✅  All events are tracked in Google Analytics so I can see the URLs that triggered the events appearing on the designated reports!

✅  Since Google Analytics does not track IP information, anytime a HTTP ERROR 404 Page Event is triggered, the web site adminitrator receives an email containing other relevant information captured by the PHP $_SERVER superglobal variables.

Are You Experiencing Similar Error 404 Issues?

As far as I know, my custom Error 404 PHP Script solution, is UNIQUE at being able to automatically advertise your own web site content as a result of a HTTP ERROR 404 Page Event!

 I Am Surprised That No One Else Had Though About It! 

If you are experiencing the same issues that I have described and want to consider a similar solution for your web site then.

✅ Call or send me an email to see if my ERROR 404 PHP Script can help you!

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