Learn how to use your HTTP Error 404 Page to advertise your website products and services

Vulnerability Scanning Bots and Scripts are generating all of the HTTP 404 Errors!

The analysis of all HTTP Error 404 conditions for this past year were the result of Vulnerability Scanning Bots and Scripts trying to:
  1. Identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities.
  2. Exploit weaknesses and vulnerabilities with malicious intent.
✅  Strongly encourage you to review the 2018 Bad Bot Landscape Industry Report

Consider re evaluating the function of the HTTP Error 404 Page

The original function of the HTTP ERROR 404 PAGE was to:

✅ Display a page to your website visitors that stated an error had occurred.

✅ Provided the option for your website visitors to select a valid web page from a MENU.

Think Outside The Box And Take Advantage Of This Trend

🤔  Why not use the HTTP Error 404 page to ADVERTISE your products and services?

Benefits of HTTP Error 404 Page designed for ADVERTISING my website Features and Services

👍 The REDESIGNED HTTP Error 404 Page is able to ADVERTISE website content and services!

👍 If the wrong URL request name in entered manually, the website visitors still have the option to SELECT a valid web page from the MENU.

👍 Click or Touch here to ACTIVATE THE HTTP ERROR 404 CONDITION and see the advertising in action!

Call to Action and Social Media

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