Should you design web content for the Apple Watch?

Should you design web content for the Apple Watch?

Have you noticed how many persons are wearing an Apple Watch?

Here are a few facts and trends that you should know:

1The Apple Watch was introduced in 2015 and in just a few years, Apple sold more watches than the entire Swiss Watch industry!

2Apple Watch continues to dominate the Global Smart Watch market in 2020.

3The Apple Watch has ushered in a paradigm shift in computing by making technology more personal in a way that other devices have failed to accomplish or replicate.

Apple Watch owners do not "Surf The Web" on their smart watches

There is no Safari Web Browser App in the watchOS operating system.

Web content is ONLY SUPPORTED in the Apple Watch Messages and Mail App when someone shares a web page link and the user chooses to open the link on their Apple Watch.

The watchOS operating system integrates Apple's WebKit web layout engine.

It uses Safari's Reader Mode to display web pages.

Web pages will require some minor configuration changes!

Learn the advantages of using Digital Business Cards

Not every web page will be able to be viewed on the small screen of an Apple Watch because:

1Unique content layout of the web page. The viewport dimensions of 320 x 357 is reduced by 50%.

2The standard "Hamburger Menu" used by most mobile websites will not be discoverable and the "Touch Area" will be too small on the small screen of an Apple Watch!

3Font size of the web page. Most mobile web pages use a MEDIUM size font. Recommend using larger font sizes so the web page content is readable on small screens!

Which Apple Watch devices are able to display web content?

Series 3 Apple Watch
Series 4 Apple Watch
Series 5 Apple Watch
Series 6 Apple Watch

Digital Business Card Apple Watch Features

👍 When a person that wears an Apple Watch capable of displaying web content receives a Text Message with a link to my Digital Business Card, they can TAP the Open Graph Protocol web page link within the Apple Watch Messages APP to display the Digital Business Card web page that has been optimized for the small screen of an Apple Watch.

Open Graph Protocol Graphics on the Apple Watch Messages AppMy Digital Business Card being displayed on the small screen of on an Apple Watch

👍 This allows Apple Watch users to TAP the web page links that do not require typing on the small screen such as:

✔ Calling any of the phone numbers listed on the Digital Business Card.

✔ View your web site Home Page.

✔ Get driving or walking directions to your business if an address is included in the Digital Business Card.

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