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Should web developers design web content for the Apple Watch and other smartwatches?

Some industry experts are predicting that wearable technology will affect web design in 2023 and beyond! As of the last fiscal quarter, the Apple Watch maintained its dominance in the marketplace with a 50.6% market share, Samsung at 22.3% with all other companies in single digits.

⚠️ Not all websites will be able to be viewed on the small screen of an Apple Watch

Most web pages will require minor configuration changes.

1The Hamburger Menu will not be easily discoverable and the "Touch Area" will be too small on the small screen of an Apple Watch!

2Most mobile web pages use a MEDIUM size font. I recommend using larger font sizes, so the web page content is readable on small screens!

3Unique content layouts of the web page. The viewport dimensions of 320 x 357 are reduced by 50%.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) can not match my webpages Time to Interactive score of 0.3 seconds

How does Apple exploit seamless integration that is not offered by any other smartwatch manufacturer?

The watchOS operating system does not have a Safari web browser app! Instead, it integrates Apple's WebKit Web Views to deliver seamless web browsing integration within the Mail and Messages app. If you want to use a web browser on your Apple Watch, several third-party web browsers are available on the Apple App Store.

The Apple Watch is the only smartwatch in the marketplace that offers seamless integration directly from Messages and Mail apps ❗

If you already own a smartwatch like Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, and Garmin capable of viewing web content, encourage you to view any of my webpages on your smartwatch web browser and see how my "Responsive Single Column" webpage layout adjusts to different size screens.

Would love to hear your comments, opinions, and thoughts! Raul Gonzalez