Why Should You Design Web Content For The Apple Watch ⌚

Why Design Web Content For The Apple Watch ⌚


Apple introduced the ability to display web content with the Series 4 Apple ⌚ Watch in 2018.

Series 3 Apple ⌚ Watches are also able to take advantage of this feature as long as the watchOS operating system is upgraded!

 No Other Smartwatch Is Able To Display Web Content! 

📈 The Apple ⌚ Watch is very close to having a 50% global market share and the competition is not even close!

This is the reason why I am one of the very few web designers that has developed web content for the Apple ⌚ Watch!

Not every web page will be able to be displayed on the small screen of an Apple ⌚ Watch because the web content requires configuration changes to the:

  1. Unique content layout of the web page.
  2. Mobile Navigation Menu being used. The standard "Hamburger Menu" used by most mobile websites will NOT BE READABLE on such a small screen!
  3. Font size being used. Most mobile web pages use a MEDIUM size font. I recommend using LARGER size fonts so the content is readable.

Apple ⌚ Watch Owners Do Not Surf The Web On Their Devices

✅ There is no Safari Web Browser App in the watchOS operating system.

✅ watchOS integrates Apple's WebKit web layout engine.

✅ It uses Safari's Reader Mode to display web pages.

✅ Web content is supported ONLY in the Apple ⌚ Watch Messages and Mail App when someone shares a web page link and the user chooses to open the link on their Apple Watch.

Apple ⌚ Watch Digital Business Card Features

👍 My Digital Business Cards have the perfect web page layout for the small screen of an Apple Watch ⌚.

The vast majority of traditional paper business cards use a horizontal layout however, my Digital Business Card uses a vertical layout to exploit the layout of ANY SIZE Smartphone screen.

Why Design Web Content for the Apple Watch ⌚
Why Should You Design Web Content For The Apple ⌚ Watch

✅ All fields except for the Name and Title are Thumb Zone Friendly Links that are optimized for one handed use and minimize touch and typing user actions!

👍 For individuals that wear an Apple ⌚ Watch capable of displaying web content, when they receive a Text Message containing a link to my Digital Business Card.

You can share the Digital Business Card with any Smartphone Messaging and/or Social Media Apps!
Why Should You Design Web Content For The Apple ⌚ Watch

✅ They can TAP the web page link to display the Digital Business Card web page that has been optimized for the small screen of an Apple Watch ⌚

Why Should You Design Web Content For The Apple ⌚ Watch

Call To Action

 Ask Yourself These Questions 

❓ If you started using Digital Business Cards with similar features and they were hosted on under your website domain name:

  1. Do you think that your existing paper business card can ever compete in the new mobile digital world?
  2. Can your business benefit from the Open Graph Protocol Links used by Social Media and Text Messaging Apps?
  3. Do you believe that using Digital Business Cards can help grow your business?

✅ YOU ONLY PAY A ONE TIME FEE for the design of up to four different Digital Business Card components:

  1. The Digital Business Card HTML web page.
  2. The Digital Business Card vCard file.
  3. Any graphic logo design if your website does not use Apple Touch Icons.
  4. Any graphic design if you want to use Open Graph Protocol Graphics that tells social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Text Messaging Apps what graphic information to display when anyone receives a link to view the Digital Business Card!
✅ Contact me to discuss a Custom Digital Business Card for your business!

Would love to hear your comments, opinions, and thoughts about developing web content for the Apple ⌚ Watch. Looking forward to your responses!