Example of a Mobile 1st Website Design page layout that is optimized to be viewed on an Apple Watch

Why Design Web Content for the Apple Watch ⌚

 A New Trend That Web Developers Should Explore! 

This is Apple's first attempt at displaying web content on the small screen of an Apple Watch.

👍  No Other Smart Watch Is Able To Display Web Page Content!

Starting with the watchOS 5 operating system, when you get an email or text message containing a web page link, you have the option to "Tap" 👆 the link to view the web page content in the small screen of the Apple Watch ⌚.

In the last quarter of 2017, Apple sold more watches than Rolex, Swatch, and the rest of the Swiss watch industry combined and has a commanding market share of the "Smart Watch" market!

Is Your Website Up To The Challenge?

✅  With watchOS 5, Apple brings support for limited viewing of web content on your wrist, like a website link attached to an email or text message.

👍  Understand how to Design Web Content for watchOS 5


WEBKIT INTEGRATION IS LIMITED TO ONLY APPLE WATCH ⌚ SERIES 3 OR NEWER⚠  Apple Watch ⌚ Series 1 and 2 attempting to open a link will show an error message saying "This link isn't viewable on Apple Watch but, you can open it on your iPhone".

Call to Action and Social Media

👍  My Digital Business Card has a layout that is both READABLE AND RESPONSIVE on the small screen of an Apple Watch ⌚!

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