Website audit of your company

Example of an Audit conducted by a Retired Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

This is an example of an audit that I performed on a website from a local business here in Dallas. Because of the sensitive information contained in this audit, the name of the business and website URL is not being disclosed to protect their privacy.


John, I was delighted that you enlisted my services to conduct a FREE audit of your website and determine if is optimized for speed and could use other improvements!

Audit of Your Website

My analysis shows that your website has the following issues:

🚩 Your website is exposed to hacking vulnerabilities because the WordPress software is not current!

🚩 Your server and web pages are not configured properly, impacting the speed of your website.

🚩 Web page and Menu configuration issues allowing Smartphone visitors to not being able view the content of your website properly.

Please take the time to review my analysis and recommendations.

Detail Information About Your Website

 Technology Profile 

✅ View Technology Profile.

 WordPress Theme 

✅ WordPress Theme Profile.

 Hosting Profile 

✅ Who is hosting your website.

 GTmetrix Performance Report 

✅ Review GTmetrix Performance Report of your website. Print and save this pdf file on your computer. I will explain more about this topic later.

 Screen Size Test 

✅ Review the screen size test emulating an IPhone 5. Scroll down the IPhone 5 screen and you will see some of the issues. I will explain more about this topic later.

Initial Assessment

The technical description of your website is a "Responsive Website using a WordPress Content Management System (CMS)".

Most business owners usually do not really care about this categorization, terminology and technical jargon. All that they care is that the website is functional and looks good to the eye.

 Do You Understand The Security Risks? 

🚩 If your website uses or you are considering building or upgrading a website that uses WordPress, there are a few issues and risks that you need to consider: Now that you know the facts, there is ONE CRITICAL QUESTION THAT EVERY WEBSITE OWNER NEEDS TO ASK.

 Do You Accept the Security Risks? 


✅ If you DO NOT ACCEPT THE ADDITIONAL COST AND SECURITY RISKS then, you need to seriously consider a complete redesign of your website using a Mobile First website design strategy.

Issues Requiring Immediate Attention

 Your WordPress Software Is Not Current! 


A scan of your website shows that your website is exposed to vulnerabilities because the WordPress software IS NOT CURRENT.

✅ ACTION ITEM: Ask the organization or person that created your website to upgrade the WordPress software as soon as possible.

 Need To Monitor HTTP Error 404 Conditions 


Your website DOES NOT HAVE a HTTP Error 404 Page!

The HTTP Error 404 condition occurs when someone visiting your website, requests a web page that does not exist. As I stated earlier, a WordPress website is a popular hacker target.

Although my website DOES NOT USE WordPress, not a week goes by where my website generates automatic emails and text messages when someone is trying to identify and exploit vulnerabilities!

In your case, since you do not have an HTTP Error 404 Page, you are not aware that these hacking attempts are occurring! You need to be receiving emails anytime the HTTP Error 404 condition is triggered so that you are aware of hacking attempts and BLOCK their IP Address!

✅ ACTION ITEM: Ask the organization or person that created your website to create a HTTP Error 404 web page that automatically sends you an email to alert you of these error conditions!

 GTmetrix Performance Report Action Items 

All of these numbers can be improved by configuring your web pages and server for SPEED!

Load Time
2.6 seconds
Page Size
824 Kb
Network Requests
55 Requests

✅ ACTION ITEM: Email the GTmetrix Performance Report PDF file to the organization or person that created your website to correct the issues identified in the report. If these issues are corrected, your speed will improve!

 Technology Profile Action Items 

Your Technology Profile does not show any Analytics software. Do you have any way of knowing how many visitors go to your website? How many are Desktop Users and how many are Mobile Users?

✅ ACTION ITEM: Ask the organization or person that created your website if Analytics software was installed on your website.

 Site Map Action Items 

I could not detect a site map xml file on your website. The site map xml protocol allows a webmaster to inform search engines about URLs on a website that are available for crawling. A site map is an XML file that lists the URLs for a site. It allows a webmaster to include additional information about each URL: when it was last updated, how often it changes, and how important it is in relation to other URLs in the site.

✅ ACTION ITEM: Ask the organization or person that created your website to create a site map xml file to help the search engines index your website.

 Every Web Page Has HTML Syntax Errors 

Every one of the web pages in your website has HTML syntax errors. This can impact how each web page is displayed by the different web browsers (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and others). Click on the links below to view the HTML syntax errors on each page.

✅ ACTION ITEM: Ask the organization or person that created your website to correct these issues.

 Some Links Are Not Working Properly 

Why do you have several links pointing to the ABOUT US page?

✅ ACTION ITEM: Ask the organization or person that created your website to correct the issues.

Exploit Mobile Accessibility Features

 Create a Better User Experience (UX) for Mobile Users! 

❓ Do you think that your business and website can benefit from Mobile Accessibility Features such as Back to Top, Click to Call, Add to Home Screen and a Digital Business Card?

❓ Do you think that your business and website can benefit from Google's Voice Activated Driving Directions feature?

✅ ACTION ITEM: Ask the organization or person that created your website to implement these Mobile Friendly features!

 Add Social Media Features 

As far as I can see, you have social media profiles on Facebook, Yelp and Google+ but, you do not allow your website visitors to "LIKE" or add reviews to your business with these Social Media sites.

✅ ACTION ITEM: Ask the organization or person that created your website to implement these Social Media features.

A New Mobile 1st Website Prototype of Your Website

✅ Take the time to check out a 👍 NEW Mobile First website design prototype of your website!

Compare Current to New design

 Current Design 

❌ WordPress Software that needs to be updated regularly and has a HIGH RISK of being compromised.

❌ Lots of other unnecessary software used to support the WordPress Software.

❌ Server and Website configurations are not optimized for speed!

 New Design 

✅ The new design as the same content as your current page with a Single Page layout!

✅ Server and web page configurations are OPTIMIZED FOR SPEED!

✅ New prototype was developed with a Mobile First website design methodology!

 Added Mobile Accessibility Features! 

✅ Back to Top

✅ Click to Call

✅ Add to Home Screen

✅ Voice Activated Driving Directions

 GTmetrix Performance Report of New Prototype Design 

Web PageLoad Time
Current Design❌ 2.6 Seconds
New Design👍 0.7 Seconds
Web PageSize
Current Design❌ 824 Kb
New Design👍 84.2 Kb
Web PageNetwork Requests
Current Design❌ 55 Requests
New Design👍 9 Requests


Please analyze and consider all of the information that I provided. Once you have a chance to review it, would appreciate your feedback by answering these questions:

❓ Was this audit of any value to your business?

❓ Did my recommendations, provide additional value to your business and website?

I sincerely hope that you will:

✅ Share this experience with any of your business associates and friends.

✅ Use my expertise, knowledge and talents in the future.

Call to Action and Social Media

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