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Use Your Smartphone Camera To Scan This QR Code And Display My Digital Business Card

Scan this QR Code to display my Digital Business Card

How To Exploit The Apple Watch Operating System Limited Viewing Of Web Content On Your Wrist

The watchOS operating system does not have a Safari Web Browser App. It integrates Apple's WebKit web layout engine and uses Safari's Reader Mode to display web pages.

Only the Messages and Mail App support the ability to display web content when someone shares a web page link and the USER CHOOSES TO OPEN THE LINK WITH THEIR APPLE ⌚ WATCH!

Only Apple Watch devices running WatchOS 5 or higher can exploit viewing of web content on your wrist!

When the Apple Watch Messages App notifies the user of a message containing a link to my Digital Business Card, the user has the option to

✔ TAP the link on their Apple Watch Messages App to display the Digital Business Card webpage on the small screen on the user's Apple ⌚ Watch.

My Digital Business Card displayed on the small screen of an Apple ⌚ Watch

✔ Scroll Down the page.

✔ TAP the Digital Business Card Address Link to obtain driving, transit, or walking direction notifications on the user's Apple ⌚ Watch.

To exploit this feature, the Apple Watch Map App settings needs to be configured to receive TURN ALERTS and SHOW NAVIGATION Transit Notifications on the user's Apple ⌚ Watch.

Apple Watch Map App Settings to receive driving notifications on the small screen of an Apple ⌚ Watch

✔ TAP the Digital Business Card Phone Number Link to initiate a phone call from the user's Apple ⌚ Watch.

How To Add The Digital Business Card To Your Smartphone Home Screen

By configuring this feature, mobile users will have ONE TAP ACCESS to my contact information and website content without having to first search the Contacts App or opening a web browser!

✔ OPEN the Digital Business Card with the web browser provided by your Smartphone operating system (i.e. Chrome for Android or Safari for IOS).

✔ TAP the web browser Share Icon.

✔ TAP the Add to Home Screen feature.

✔ ADD the Digital Business Card to your Smartphone Home Screen.

This web browser feature makes your web page behave like a Mobile Web App!

How To Share A Digital Business Card

Instead of exchanging or handing out a traditional paper Business Cards, use your Smartphone Messages App to share a Digital Business Card with prospective clients!

✔ OPEN the Digital Business Card web page with your favorite Smartphone Web Browser.

✔ TAP the web browser Share Icon.

✔ CHOOSE the Messages App.

✔ TYPE the recipient's cell phone number or name to select from your smartphone contact list.

✔ TYPE a personal greeting.

✔ SEND the Message.

What Are The Benefits And Features Of Using Digital Business Card

For hundreds of years, paper business card have represented your company's brand. When you exchange a traditional paper business card, you are not providing just your personal contact information such as name, title, address, email and phone number and website name. You are providing the first exposure and image of your business.

What Is A Digital Business Card?

👍A Digital Business Card is a small webpage that contains the same information as a traditional paper Business Card. There are no space constraints so, you can add as much or as little information to your digital card as you like allowing you to include a personalised "Sales Pitch".

👍By using Digital Business Cards you are also conveying a different image and message to prospective clients that is different from your competition!

👍The Digital Business Card webpage achieves a Time to Interactive goal of under 1 second in both the Mobile and Desktop categories of Google's Page Speed Insights report.

👍The web server is also optimized for speed by exploiting HTTP/3 and LiteSpeed Turbo software from www.a2hosting.com.

👍It can be added as an "Add On Feature" to any website so that they are hosted under your own website domain name.

👍You can use either a "Traditional Business Logo" or your photo which has a "MODERN SOCIAL MEDIA" look for Apple Touch Icons.

👍Have you ever been in a situation where someone asked you for a Business Card but, you did not have any with you? You are always ready to share your Digital Business Card with any potential client even if you do not have your smartphone with you! Anyone can share your Digital Business Card with friends, neighbors, and their business associates!

👍When mobile visitors create a "Bookmark" of the Digital Business Card webpage by exploiting the Add to Home Screen web browser feature, the webpage will function like a Mobile Web App and users now have ONE TAP ACCESS to my contact information and web content without having to search the Contacts App or opening a web browser!

👍The Features links provides visitors detail instructions on how to exploit different Digital Business Card web features.

👍When you use Digital Business Cards for you and your staff, you are eliminating or reducing business operating expenses.

Are you ready to to start using Digital Business Cards for your business? You have my contact information.