Why Consider A Digital Business Card

Why Consider A Digital Business Card

 Ask Yourself These Questions 

❓  Do you always carry business cards with you?

❓  Have you ever been in a situation where someone asked you for a business card but, you did not have any with you?

❓  Have you ever been in a situation where you did not have a business card with you but, you had your 📱 Smartphone?

❓  How many of your business associates and friends DO NOT HAVE a 📱 Smartphone or email address?

❓  Do you always carry your 📱 Smartphone with you?

 Are You Aware That 

⚠ 88% of Business Cards handed out will be thrown out in less than a week.

⚠ Only 9% of Business Cards handed out will be added to a digital contact list.

Features Of My Digital Business Card

My Digital Business Card is a very small (14.2KB) HTML Page that:

👍  Is optimized for speed and fully loads in less than 1/4 second.

👍  The web page layout has also been optimized to be viewed on the latest models of an Apple ⌚ Watch.

👍  Unlike my competitors that require you to pay a monthly fee, YOU ONLY PAY A ONE TIME FEE for me to design your Custom Digital Business Card and you host them on your own web site.

✅  Continue scrolling and follow the instructions to exploit all the benefits and features!

Add The Digital Business Card Content To Your 📱 Contacts App!

👍 You are not required to type my contact information on your 📱 Contacts App. This eliminates the risk of typographical errors and saves you time!

✅ In order to exploit these mobile features, you are required to open the Digital Business Card using the web browser provided by your 📱 Smartphone operating system!

 Follow These Instructions 
You can create a new contact on your Smartphone Contacts APP without typing my contact information!

Share The Digital Business Card With Your 📱 Smartphone Apps!

 Follow These Instructions 
You can share my Digital Business Card with business associates with email, text messaging and social media Apps!

👍  If you have an Apple Watch and you receive either an email or text message that contains a web page link, you can tap the web page link within the message to view the content of my Digital Business Card!

My Digital Business Card is optimized to be viewed on an Apple Watch

Make The Digital Business Card Function Like A Mobile Web App!

 Follow These Instructions 
You can save my Digital Business Card to your Smartphone Home Screen!

Search For The Icon On Your 📱 Home Screen

With ONE TOUCH to the Icon on the Home Screen, you now have access to my web site!

One Touch To The Icon On The 📱 Home Screen, Displays The Digital Business Card!

Your Business Card is Displayed On Your Mobile Device!

Can Your Traditional Paper Business Card Compete With A Digital Business Card?

✅ Contact me to discuss a Custom Digital Business Card for your business!

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