Raul Gonzalez, a Mobile First website designer and developer located in Dallas, Texas. Should you consider having Digital Business Cards?

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Mobile First Web Developer

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(972) 372-4237

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How to Share and Save my Digital Business Card

👍 You can share my Digital Business Card using your 📱 Email, Messaging, and Social Media Apps with your friends and business associates.

❌ There is no need for you to enter my contact information on your 📱 Contacts APP. If you prefer to use your Contacts APP, feel free to enter this information manually!

👍 You can save my Digital Business Card by using the same process you currently use to save a web page to your 📱 web browser's Bookmarks Favorites Folder or Reading List.

 Your Smartphone & Tablet Home Screen IS NOT JUST FOR APPS! 

✅ Recommend that you save my Digital Business Card web page using your 📱 Add To Home Screen mobile feature, so that you can experience a MOBILE WEB APP User Interface (UI)!
By storing my Digital Business Card on your Smartphone Home Screen, you have access to my website with just ONE TOUCH!
✅ ONE TOUCH to my Digital Business Card Custom Digital Business Card Icon Icon on your 📱 Home Screen, gives you access to my website!

Consider using a Digital Business Card

 Ask yourself these questions 

❓ Do you ALWAYS carry business cards with you?

❓ Have you ever been in a situation where someone asked you for a business card but, you DID NOT have any with you?

❓ Do you ALWAYS have your Smartphone with you?

❓ Have you ever been in a situation where you DID NOT have a business card but, you HAD A SMARTPHONE with you?

❓ Think of all your business associates and friends. How many of them DO NOT HAVE A SMARTPHONE?

❓ Based on your answers, do you think that traditional business cards WILL EVER BE ABLE TO KEEP UP WITH TECHNOLOGY?

Business Card Industry Statistics

The Statistic Brain Research Institute, conducted a research on May, 4th, 2017 and these are their findings!

Annual U.S. Business Card printing industry revenue
Number of Business Cards printed daily
Number of Business Cards printed in the U.S. annually
Company sales increase for every 2,000 cards passed out
Percent of Business Cards handed out that will be thrown out in less than a week

Reasons given for throwing out Business Cards

Do not need service provided by card giver
Do not want to do business with specific card giver
Added information into digital contact list

Opinion Polls on Business Cards

Do you judge a company of person by the quality of their Business Card?72%28%
Would you choose not to do business with someone if they have a "cheap looking" Business Card? 31% 61%
Is a color Business Card more memorable to you than a plain white card?78%22%
Would you pay more for nicer looking Business Cards even if it did not bring you more business? 41% 59%
Do you feel that having Business Cards is essential to your business?57%43%

Which solution is more beneficial to you

❌ Continuing ordering traditional paper Business Cards on a regular basis knowing that:
  1. 88% of business cards handed out will be thrown out in less than a week.
  2. Only 9% will be added to a digital contact list.
✅ Pay a ONE TIME COST for designing and implementing a Digital Business Card on your website with no re-ordering costs.
✅ Contact me if you are interested in implementing a Custom Digital Business Card on your website!

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