Why Add A 2nd Virtual Cell Phone Number To Your Smartphone?

Facts and Trends

Less than 40 Percent of U.S. households have a landline. If you currently have one, get rid of it and save the money!

63% of adults live in a "Wireless-Only" households – those where there is no landline but at least one cellphone household!

👍AARP is endorsing the use of a FREE Google Voice App for calls and text messages to maintain your privacy!

What Is Google Voice?

Configure The Google Voice App On Your Smartphone

Google Voice is a Free Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Telephone And Messaging Service for Google Account customers in the US, and Canada. I have personally used Google Voice since 2009, and have been very satisfied with this service!

For enterprises, where Google Voice is now an optional G Suite add-on (with rates ranging from $10 to $30 per user per month), businesses gain a simple system for assigning work numbers to employees and then letting said employees use whatever devices they want, whenever they want. All you have to do is set up the proper forwarding within the service, and someone's personal Android device or any company provided handset can be "that phone" — regardless of what network it's using or what carrier assigned number is actually connected to it.

Even in a small business, independent contractor, or strictly personal arrangement, Google Voice is packed with potential. You could move your number into the service and then have all of your incoming calls ring multiple phones simultaneously (your personal phone, your work phone, your home office VoIP line, your actual office land line, or any combination) every time a call comes in. You just pick up the call using the device that is most convenient!

Google Voice Features

👍You keep your privacy by not giving out your personal cell phone number to strangers and businesses!

👍Unlike other FREE Apps such as Skype and WhatsApp that require both parties to use the same service, with Google Voice, you can call any number.

👍Phone calls can be recorded! Android and iPhone Smartphones do not offer this feature.

TAP 4 and all participants will hear an announcement that the recording has begun.

TAP 4 again and all participants will hear an announcement that the recording has ended. All voice recordings are stored in the Voicemail Tab.

All Google Voice recorded calls can be found in the Voicemail Tab

👍To initiate a conference call, TAP 5 to bring another phone number into the conversation.

👍You can block phone numbers and callers will hear this recording when they attempt to call you back!

👍You can initiate a phone call or receive a phone call via your carrier's network or Wi-Fi connection in the US.

👍You can send and receive SMS and MMS messages via your carrier's network or Wi-Fi connection.

👍The Phone Calls can be forwarded to your cell phone so that you can receive all notifications ON ONE DEVICE.

👍If you are ever in a situation where your Smartphone is lost or stolen but you have a Tablet, you can use the Google Voice App on your Tablet to call any U.S phone number using your cellular or Wi-Fi connection! This feature alone is a great backup plan!

👍If you are ever out of the country and as long as you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can CALL THE U.S FOR FREE by dialing the appropriate international dialing code.

👍You can also use this second cell phone number for a business phone number and you get to determine the hours when you want the phone calls to go to Voice Mail.

👍When you use the Chrome web browser and install the Chrome Google Voice Extension, you can initiate and receive phone calls and initiate or reply to text messages from your your Chromebook and Windows desktop and laptop devices!

Consider adding the Google Voice Chrome Web Browser Extension to your Windows laptop or desktop.

How To Sign Up For Google Voice

All you need is a FREE Gmail Email address. If you do not have a Gmail address, you can sign up for one at www.gmail.com.

Once you have a Gmail Email address and password, use a computer or laptop browser and Login to www.google.com/voice/.

CHOOSE a new phone number and activate the new service.

You will have the option to select a phone number that has certain values (i.e. you may want your phone number to end with a certain sequence like 1303 or 4237 etc so it is easy to remember).

Download The Google Voice App To Your Smartphone And Tablet Devices

Download the Google Voice App on your Smartphone and Tablet devices from the Apple App Store or Google App Store.


Standard Google Voice App Configuration

Phone Calls

1Phone calls originated from the Google Voice App will show your Google Voice Number Caller ID.

2All phone calls to the Google Voice Phone Number will be AUTOMATICALLY FORWARDED to your cell phone number.

3The history of all Google Voice Phone Calls appear in the Google Voice App 📞 Calls TAB.

4If the caller leaves a Voicemail, it will be stored in your IOS or Android Phone App.


1Messages originated or replied to from the Google Voice App will show your Google Voice Number Caller ID.

2When a New Text Message is received, you will be notified via your Google Email Address.

3The history of all Google Voice Text Messages appear in the Google Voice App Messages Section.

4You can attach pictures when you SEND, and REPLY to Messages. You are also able to RECEIVE Messages that contain pictures.

Follow Instructions On A Device Other Than Your Smartphone

Open The Google Voice App On Your Smartphone

LOGON to your Smartphone Google Voice App with your Gmail email address and password

Configure The Google Voice App On Your Smartphone

TAP the Search Google Voice Menu

TAP Settings and you can configure different options:


LINK your Cell Phone Number to the Google Voice Number


ENABLE Forward messages to email (your Gmail email address)


ENABLE Make and receive calls (Use carrier only)

CHOOSE how you want to answer and forward calls.

DISABLE Anonymous Caller ID.

DISABLE Call Screening.

ENABLE Get email alerts for missed calls

ENABLE Incoming call options. This allows you to record incoming calls.

DISABLE Show my Google Voice number as caller ID when forwarding calls. You want the real phone number that is calling to appear as the Caller ID!

ENABLE Default account for Google Voice.


DISABLE Do Not Disturb

If DISABLED, all calls to Google Voice will be forwared to your Smartphone. When ENABLED, all calls to Google Voice will be sent to Voice Mail. You can MANUALLY ENABLED or DISABLED this feature anytime!


ENABLE Custom Voicemail Greeting. Suggest that you record the same voicemail as on your Smartphone.

ENABLE Get Voicemail via email

DISABLE Let Google analyze Voicemail transcripts


SKIP this section


ENABLE Filter Spam


DISABLE High-contrast conversation view.


TAP Defaults apps to select the Browser, Mail, Navigation, and Calendar Apps.

Configure Voice App Privacy Settings

ALLOW Access to Contacts

ALLOW Access to All Photos (Read and Write)

ALLOW Access to Camera

Configure Voice App Notification Settings

ALLOW Notifications Settings

ENABLE Alerts for Lock Screen, Notification Center and Banners



ENABLE Show Previews - Always

ENABLE Notification Grouping - Automatic

Congratulations, Your Google Voice Number Is Now Operational!

Test The Google Voice App!

Consider adding the Google Voice Chrome Web Browser Extension to your Chromebook and Windows desktop and laptop devices! This is a great feature to quickly reply to messages from your Desktop or Laptop without using your Smartphone. These replies will automatically also appear on all of your connected devices!

If you like this free service, please share this information with your business associates, co-workers, friends, and relatives!

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