Guess your telephone number math game

Let Me Guess Your Telephone Number Math Game

 This Game ONLY Works With The US Telephone Number Format! 

In Order To Play This Game, You Need To

✅  Use a calculator that can display numbers as large as 99,999,999,999.

✅  If you are using your Smartphone calculator, turn your device to LANDSCAPE MODE so that you it can display the large numbers.

Remember The Area Code, First 3 Numbers And Last 4 Numbers Of A Telephone Number

 Complete The Arithmetic Steps Shown Below 

Step 1
✅  Multiply the 3 DIGIT AREA CODE of your telephone number by 40.
Step 2
✅  Multiply the results by 25.
Step 3
✅  Add the FIRST 3 DIGITS of your telephone number.
Step 4
✅  Multiply the results by 50.
Step 5
✅  Add 1 to the results.
Step 6
✅  Multiply the results by 400.
Step 7
✅  Add the LAST 4 DIGITS of your telephone number.
Step 8
✅  Add the LAST 4 DIGITS of your telephone number AGAIN.
Step 9
✅  Divide the results by 2.
Step 10
✅  Subtract 200 from the results.

👍  If you completed all of the arithmetic steps CORRECTLY, the calculator is showing YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER!