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Your Smartphone & Tablet Home Screen IS NOT JUST FOR APPS!

Allow mobile visitors to view your website with just ONE TOUCH from their Smartphone and Tablets Home Screen!

Whichever operating system (i.e. Android, IOS or Windows) is running your Smartphone or Tablet, mobile users can add a mobile website page to their Home Screen so that they can quickly reference it again with just ONE TOUCH!

The problem is that some websites do not include a customized Icon and a 14 character name to be used by the Home Screen. This Icon should work just like the Icon that every APP uses.

Take a look at the Logo (6 faces) at the top of this page and the Icon on the Home Screen of the Smartphone pictured above. They are the same!

🚩 Although the Add to Home Screen mobile accessibility feature is available on all mobile devices, it is dependent on the mobile web browser provided by IOS Safari or Android Chrome operating system!

Add to Home Screen Mobile Accessibility Feature Test

To see if your mobile website is configured properly; try adding any page of your website to your Smartphone or Tablet Home Screen. If you DO NOT KNOW how to do this, click here so that you learn how to add a mobile website page to your Smartphone or Tablet Home Screen.

Does your test show:

✅ A customized Icon of your business logo?

✅ A customized 14 character short name that makes your mobile website look like an APP?

🚩 If the answer to either question was NO then, your website IS NOT CONFIGURED to take advantage of the ADD TO HOME SCREEN mobile feature!

 👍 Adding an ICON and short name to every web page is a very simple change that builds your brand! 

By storing my Digital Business Card on your Smartphone Home Screen, you have access to my website with just ONE TOUCH!
✅ ONE TOUCH to the Icon on your Home Screen, gives you access to my website!

👍 Visit my Digital Business Card so that you can see how I exploit the Add to Home Screen Mobile Accessibility feature!

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