Think beyond fancy graphics and links on a Smart Error 404 page to convert lost visitors into customers!

Experience a Mobile Mega Menu that has 30 Categories and 300 Links!

1OPEN this web page on your Smartphone.

2TAP the Menu link at the bottom of the screen.

3USE ONLY ONE HAND to SCROLL UP and DOWN the navigation menu.

4TAP any of the 30 Mega Menu Categories to display the associated links.

Features of my Ambidextrous, Thumb Zone Friendly, Mobile Mega Menu

👍 It uses a HTML5 and CSS3 ONLY "Full Screen Overlay Scrolling Menu".

👍 Is positioned at the bottom of the Smartphone screen.

👍 It is both Transparent and Opaque to alert the user to Scroll Down to continue viewing additional Content, Menu Categories or Web Page Links that can not be displayed on the screen.

👍 All Menu Categories and Links are "Centered" and optimized for "ONE HANDED" use with either the Left Hand or Right Hand.

This makes it an Ambidextrous, Thumb Zone Friendly, Mobile Mega Menu

👍 Follows the"unofficial web design" Three Click Rule. This rule recommends that web site visitors should be able to find any information with no more than three mouse clicks or touch actions!

👍 Website visitors will experience the same Mobile User Experience (UX) that can scale from any size Smartphone screen up to the largest Smart TV screens!

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Do you know of any other examples of an Ambidextrous, Thumb Zone Friendly, Mobile Mega Menu?

👍 If you like my Ambidextrous Thumb Zone Friendly Mobile Mega Menu design and features, I can customize it for your website for a donation!

Would love to hear your comments, opinions and thoughts on this topic!

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