What Is The Thumb Zone?

When smartphone users hold their devices using ONLY ONE HAND, the "Thumb Zone" is an area on the smartphone screen that your thumb is able to easily reach and interact with a mobile website navigation menu.

The "Thumb Zone" area changes depending on these factors

1The size of your hand.

2The size of your Smartphone screen.

3Which thumb is used to intertact with a mobile navigation menu.

Your thumbs were able to interact with Mobile Navigation Menus on earlier smartphone devices.As large screen Smartphones become more popular, your thumb is not able to reach and interact with a Mobile Navigation Menu positioned on top of the screen.

Experience An Ambidextrous, Thumb Zone Friendly, Mobile Mega Menu With 30 Categories And 300 Links

Follow These Instructions

1OPEN this web page on a large screen Smartphone.

2TAP the M   E   N   U at the bottom of the screen.

3USING ONLY ONE HAND use your Left and Right Thumb to SCROLL all the way down to the bottom and top of the navigation menu.

4TAP any one of the different Menu Categories.

5USING ONLY ONE HAND both your Left and Right Thumbs will be able to scroll up and down and interact with all associated links.

6TAP the M   E   N   U at the bottom of the screen to return to the webpage.

Are you able to interact with your website Mobile Navigation Menu using only one hand?

Would love to hear your comments, opinions and thoughts on this menu!
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