Flip your Smartphone between Portrait and Landscape mode to see the HTML 5 Picture Tag in action

Flip Your Smartphone Between Portrait And Landscape Mode

✅  The web browser uses the HTML5 Picture Tag to ONLY DOWNLOAD the appropriate size image from the web server based on the "viewport" width of the device being used.

✅  Assuming you are holding your Smartphone in PORTRAIT MODE, when the web page gets originally loaded, the web browser WILL DOWNLOAD THE SMALL SIZE IMAGE (22 kilobytes).

✅  When you turn the Smartphone to LANDSCAPE MODE, or when you are using a larger screen size device, the web browser will DOWNLOAD THE MEDIUM SIZE IMAGE (40 kilobytes)!

✅  Anything that you can do reduce the transfer size (i.e. bytes sent from web server to the web browser before a web page is displayed), will help your web page load faster!

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