This is your OPTIMAL THUMB ZONE Area on your Smartphone screen

Draw 🖍 Your Optimal Thumb Zone Area On Your Smartphone

 Follow These Instructions On A Device Other Than Your Smartphone 

✅ Open the website on your Smartphone.
✅ Click on the Start drawing Green Button.
✅ Click on ✎ Pencil Button located on the top left side of the screen.
✅ The Drawing Menu will appear on the left side of the screen. Click on the ✏ Pencil symbol that appears halfway down the screen.
✅ Use your RIGHT HAND to COMFORTABLY HOLD your Smartphone with ONE HAND.
✅ Using just your RIGHT THUMB, draw and ARC from the top right hand side of the screen down to bottom section of the screen.
✅ This is your personal Smartphone THUMB ZONE area for you Right Hand.
✅ Now use your LEFT HAND to COMFORTABLY HOLD your Smartphone with ONE HAND.
✅ Using just your LEFT THUMB, draw and ARC from the Bottom of the screen up to the TOP LEFT area of the screen.
✅ The drawing that you are seeing on the screen is your LEFT HAND and RIGHT HAND Personal THUMB ZONE areas.

It Should Be Obvious!

👍  The overlapping space at the Bottom Middle Section of your Smartphone screen is your OPTIMAL THUMB ZONE AREA!This is your OPTIMAL THUMB ZONE Area on your Smartphone screen
Designing a Thumb Friendly Mobile Experience is difficult because the THUMB ZONE AREA CHANGES depending on:

✅  The size of your hand.

✅  The size of your Smartphone screen.

✅  Which hand you use when holding your Smartphone with ONE HAND.

When designing an Ambidextrous Thumb Friendly Mobile Experience you need to CENTER:

✅  The Menu Categories.

✅ The web page links.

Features Of My Mobile First Design

👍  My Mobile First Design DOES NOT ❌ USE any Content Management System (CMS) software!

👍  The AMBIDEXTROUS Mobile Navigation Menu is positioned at the Bottom of the Screen and provides OPTIMAL THUMB ZONE ACCESS to both the LEFT and RIGHT HAND THUMB FINGERS.

A Thumb Friendly Ambidextrous Mobile Navigation Menu designed for OPTIMAL THUMB ZONE Access on ANY SIZE Smartphone screen
✅ Experience a Mobile Menu with 35 Categories and 293 Page links!

👍  The Web Page Layout and AMBIDEXTROUS Mobile Navigation Menu deliver a Mobile APP like User Experience (UX) on different size screen devices!
Click on image to Draw your Personal Thumb Zone area on your Smartphone screenThis is your OPTIMAL THUMB ZONE Area on your Smartphone screen👍  Use a CUSTOM ERROR 404 PAGE that is able to advertise my website content and services!

👍  The web server and web pages are OPTIMIZED FOR SPEED allowing: 👍  Exploit ALL Mobile Accessibility Features such as:
  1. Use a Digital Business Card that allows website visitor to:
    • Create New Contact on their 📱 Smartphone
    • Add My Digital Business Card to their 📱 Smartphone Home Screen
    • Share My Digital Business Card with their 📱 Smartphone email, text messaging and social media Apps
    • Has a layout that is both READABLE AND RESPONSIVE on the small screen of an Apple Watch ⌚.
  2. Use the Back to Top 📱 Mobile Accessibility Feature.
  3. Use the Click-to-Call 📱 Mobile Accessibility Feature.
  4. Use the Add to Home Screen 📱 Mobile Accessibility Feature.
  5. Linking a business address to Google's Voice Activated Driving Directions.

Call To Action And Social Media

✅ Do you know what is required to build a website using a Mobile First Design?

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